B.C. Legal Aid Taxonomy

Thomas Quine, Manager of Electronic Access at the Legal Services Society of British Columbia wrote to send me a copy of a taxonomy and the working document surrounding it developed by the Public Legal Education and Information Working Group, of which the Legal Services Society is one of eleven members.
The eleven organizations that make up the PLEI Working Group are the British Columbia Courthouse Library Society, the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association, The Law Centre, Law Courts Education Society, The Law Foundation of BC, Legal Services Society, Ministry of Attorney General, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, The People’s Law School, Simon Fraser University Centre for
Education, Law and Society, and the UBC Law Students Legal Advice Program.
To quote the document:

[The Group] aims to maximize access to and use of PLEI, and to identify any programming gaps among member organizations. One of the strategies the PLEI Working Group is pursuing to achieve these goals is to develop a portal website… For the PLEI Working Group, a complementary strategy to developing a portal website is the development of a taxonomy to describe PLEI resources… By developing a structured way of classifying PLEI resources, using a common vocabulary, the PLEI Working Group can appreciably enhance the effectiveness of its portal website, and derive other significant benefits as well.

Slaw has been graciously given permission to make the document available to our readers; it’s in pdf format and can be downloaded at http://files.slaw.ca/plei-taxonomyproject.pdf

It’s a multi-facetted taxonomy that should prove useful for legal aid offices throughout the country, and a wonderful example of a successful cooperative venture.


  1. A little plug to my friend Drew Jackson who co-ordinated this project. Drew, the former New Media Manager at CLE BC, and author of the Internet Handbook for Canadian Lawyers, is actually now back at UBC Library School adding a whole new dimension to his set of skills!

    I know he’s got his plate full now, but I’m going to keep bugging him to start blogging! The internet would be a better place… :-)