RSS Feeds

I have just read a recent article in Canadian Law Library Review by Annette Demers, of the law library at Windsor (“Current Awareness: the Next Generation” 2006 Canadian Law Library Review 31:2 67-70) which I reccomend to SLAW readers. Annette has done a very thorough and concise job of summing up how RSS works, with particular emphasis on Newsgator.. She also refers to the excellent journal table of contents service at Washington & Lee Law Library which has RSS feeds from over 2200 journals, including many Canadian publications.


  1. Neil, Slaw has worked with the Washington & Lee people to update their list of Canadian journals and to arrange for a feed to the Slaw website.

    If you go to our Resources page you’ll see
    1. a list of all Canadian journals with links to their feeds, via W & L: List of Journals and Feeds
    2. the actual tables of contents of Canadian journals as they’re updated: Recent Journal Contents

    We have to do a better job of blowing our own horn, it seems. So here goes: TOOT!

  2. I read the same article on the train last night. While she didn’t mention Slaw’s role in the Canadian Journal TOC RSS feeds, she did give us a nice plug in the link list at the end of the article.