The OED Has Spoken

In its latest list of new words added to the OEDVoted Best Book in the English Language by the Weekend Wall Street Journal on 20 May 2006 this week is the word Google, now officially recognized by the official source of linguistic authority.For a dissenting view of the OED’s authoritativeness.

Of course, when you scan through the rest of the list and see the following thirty words, apparently unrecognized, one has to wonder what the criteria of inclusion are.

* amaretto, n.
* brewmaster, n.
* Brillo, n.
* calzone, n.
* catfight, n.
* close-captioning, n.
* counterterrorism, n.
* DVD, n.
* Energizer bunny, n.
* engine room, n.
* faux adj. (and adv.)
* focaccia, n.
* fucking A, adj., adv., and int.
* Hall of shame n.
* Hold ‘Em, n.
* inner sanctum, n.
* J-cloth, n.
* just war, n.
* Kalamata, n.
* love-struck, adj.
* Macarena, n.
* mash-up, n.
* rewriteable, adj.
* self-storage, n.
* soirée musicale, n.
* Speedo, n.2
* Stanley knife, n.
* text message, v.
* win-win, adj.
* yada yada, int. and n.

The creation of the OED is a wonderful story in its own right.

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