US Supreme Court Research

A topical question in the light of recent judgments by the US Supreme Court: Can any SLAWer advise on the best method for searching cases listed for hearing and judgments reserved in order to locate those on particular topics (i.e., using key terms). This is very straightforward on the Web sites of other ‘top’ courts – the House of Lords, the High Court of Australia, and even the Supreme Court of Canada, but I’m finding it not at all obvious for Mr Roberts’ Court. I daresay the answer is staring me in the face ….


  1. I know I should leave this response to our readers in the United States, but why wouldn’t Cornell work at with cert summaries at and then the briefs at with additional sources at

    Not quite one-stop shopping but, surely it’s all there.

  2. Yes, but I was hoping to find the one stop summaries of everything that the other top court provides..makes life a little easier