Resources on International Peacekeeping

Since the topic of an international peacekeeping mission to Southern Lebanon is on the table, it may be useful to look at some of the major peacekeeping resources out there, especially those that include a legal dimension.

I have not included government resources from Canada (there are numerous National Defence handbooks, peacekeeping training materials, and military and international humanitarian law guides developed for Canadian Forces personnel) because Canada has announced it will not provide any troops for any eventual Lebanon intervention force.

Go to the post Peacekeeping Resources on Library Boy for the full list of resources.


  1. I thought people might be interested in a pathfinder that I created this spring in response to two different questions about military law and research in Canada. My attempt was to put links to our various military law journals all in one place, as the content is mostly free on the web, but dispersed. Perhaps people would be interested? The url is:
    – the pdf document is a nicer read (apologies but U Windsor is still working on bringing the University website into the 21st century.

  2. Good to have this pathfinder. Would anyone else be willing to share their pathfinders?