CLA Slams Access Copyright

In a letter to the Co-Chairs of Access Copyright, the Canadian Library Association uses forceful language to express concerns about Access Copyright’s Captain Copyright website initiative. It’s a site aimed at children and seeks to teach them about copyright through the use of a superhero, Captain Copyright.

CLA’s three concerns are:

  • that the site lacks balance and “diminishes the user perspective inherent in the fair dealing, private copying and public domain provisions of the Copyright Act”;
  • that a notice on the site “purport[s] to restrict linking to the site, stating ‘permission to link is explicitly withheld from any website the contents of which may, in the opinion of Access Copyright, be damaging or cause harm to the reputation of Access Copyright’ ”; and
  • that the site indulges in a “targeting of children with propaganda-style tools” in violation of Quebec law prohibiting advertising to children and the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards forbidding exploiting children’s sense of credulity.

The full text of the letter is available in pdf format.


  1. I’ve looked at the “Captain Copyright” website – it is disturbing in that it is geared to elementary school children. I’d be more worried if the I didn’t think the Captain would strain any child or teacher’s credulity.

  2. Please see here for Access Copyright’s response regarding Captain Copyright…

    Robert Gilbert
    Communications Assistant
    Access Copyright, The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency