Dalhousie Law and Grey Lit

I have but two small tidbits to contribute to Grey Lit week. Institutional repositories and academic institutions were touched on earlier this week, but I would like to mention our own effort here at Dal Law. A source from our collection was mentioned several weeks back on Slaw, but the whole thing is here. This is a list of publications by members or graduate students here at the Faculty of Law. Preliminary talks amongst the interested parties at Dal have already occured to create a wider repository/electronic press across the entire university, but this is our own small effort in the meantime. Not everyone contributes but the material found here is first rate. This is also where presentations for upcoming faculty seminars are made available (you will find some that are password protected as they are intended for an internal audience only).

The other source I want to mention is Arts & Letters Daily not so much “grey” but it is a great source for news and opinions on all topics from many different sources and as someone once said, nearly everything has a law angle.

And finally I just want to say how happy I am that no one has called it “Gray” Lit!


  1. R. Kling L. Spector, and G. McKim’s Locally Controlled Scholarly Publishing Via the Internet: The Guild Model available at http://www.press.umich.edu/jep/08-01/kling.html might be of interest, though it is a few years old…