Innovate: Journal of Online Education

Innovate: Journal of Online Education is a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed online journal focusing on the innovative, creative ways information technology is used in corporate, academic, and government settings to enhance the learning process. Articles are authored by leaders in information technology and education, including librarians, professors, program administrators, and software designers. You can search articles going back to October/November 2004. Innovate also hosts webcasts with the authors.

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Notable articles include:

“A_FLIP to Courseware: A Strategic Alliance for Improving Student Learning Outcomes”
This article outlines the Administrators, Faculty, Librarians Instructional Partnership (A_FLIP) model, which encourages collaboration between librarians and courseware administrators through a systems approach, and between librarians and faculty through a course-level approach.

“Teaching Social Software with Social Software”

“Guidelines for Establishing Interactivity in Online Courses”

“Beyond PowerPoint: Visual Presentation Tools for Online Learning”


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