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Agnese Caruso

I’m pleased to announce that Agnese Caruso has joined Slaw as a core contributor.

Agnese is a Research Specialist in the Tax Research Centre at PwC Management Services LP (Price Waterhouse, that is). She has had her own blog, TaxHeat, noted here in Slaw a while back, but has decided that she’d rather bring her talents to us. We’re glad.

Please welcome Agnese Caruso. . . . [more]

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Melvil Dewey Rolls in His Grave

I can’t think of a less likely subject for a newspaper editorial than the merits of LC Classification systems. Yet today’s New York Times has just that.

It talks about the New York Public LibraryWhose Catnyp catalogue I use every week. moving away from a home grown classification system, which while delightfully ideosyncraticAll such is relative., confounded users accustomed to conventional catalogues and defied updating.

In the Canadian law library context, all major private law firms with national practices, save one, use modified KFThe best article on KF and the development of Canadian law library cataloguing comes . . . [more]

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Porn for Librarians

“Porn for book nerds”. VERY effective! The “nonist” writes, “… (14) gorgeous photos, nearly all without visitors and just begging to be entered.”

I’m speechless with library lust! I know some of you will feel the same way. Has anyone had the opportunity to visit any of these libraries or any other such incredible ones?

See 14 photos from Candida Höfer’s book, Libraries, at Red-Hot and Filthy Library Smut Get a copy for yourself at

. . . [more]

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Lexis Enters the Legal Information Survey Field

An announcement this morning from Lexis about the results of an Ipsos Reid poll on the legal rights of cohabiting couples is as remarkable for its sponsor as its content.

Ipsos Reid conducted the survey for, an online legal resource centre from LexisNexis Canada that helps consumers and small businesses find lawyers and legal information. For the survey, a representative, randomly selected sample of 1,184 adult Canadians completed an online survey.

Given the extent to which there seems to be public misapprehension of rights, it will be interesting to see what products this spurs Lexis to produce.

I . . . [more]

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Just Not Cricket

There is an article about the latest cricket controversy in today’s International Herald Tribune. It concerns an incident of ‘ball-tampering’ by a Pakistani bowler in an England/Pakistan match that led to a forfeited match, diplomatic row and subsequent banishment of all other less important world affairs (such as the situation in Lebanon) to the back pages of the British newspapers. The article indicates in its title that cheating in cricket does not happen – a fact that any follower of the game knows not to be true. It may “not be cricket” but it does happen and there have . . . [more]

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Check Out Gliffy, Online Diagram Collaboration

A new to me website, but obviously not to 35 thousand other people… Gliffy is a web-2.o cross between writely and MS Visio. Lots of drag-n-drop tools for work flows, wireframes, floor plans. Plus, it’s a web application that requires no additional software.

The other cool part is the ability to collaborate with others. As an example, here’s a 30 second diagram of my living room. I could add my wife as an editor to that file. Then, she could rearrange everything before getting me to schlep our stuff 6-ways from monday! ;-) There are probably some nifty possibilities . . . [more]

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A Nice Australian Controversy

Must be something in the Antipodean water. Following on the controversy concerning McLachlin CJC’s speech on Unwritten Constitutional PrinciplesGiven at the 2005 Lord Cooke Lecture in Wellington, New Zealand., which led to such a dust-up after Maurice Vellacott, MP misread it, comes a lively story in the Sydney Morning Herald.
This one involves Justice Mason’s rejection of much of the judicial role under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that would be familiar to everyone of Slaw’s readers within Canada. It’s all in the context of how much courts should touch issues of religion.

The swipe at . . . [more]

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Web 2.0 Whiteboard

Well before there was Web 2.0, General Electric — yes, GE — put up a lovely timewaster that let you draw in your browser. Now it’s back reborn as a whiteboard and sporting the essential element of a Web 2.0 whiteboard, shareability.

Imagination Cubed offers you various tools — text, pencil, shapes, backgrounds — and each with a menu of possibilities — to let you draw your way to clarity, when text in row after row just won’t do. Unfortunately you’re not able to upload or paste in a graphic, which would have been handy, allowing for collaborative markup. But . . . [more]

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Michael Geist – 30 Days of DRM

Blogger and law prof, Michael Geist, is already in day three of his “30 Days of DRM” [digital rights managementI plan to spend the thirty days before the House of Commons reconvenes to highlight some of the exceptions and limitations that should be included in the event that a Canadian DMCA is introduced. Each day, I will post a new provision, focusing broadly on marketplace concerns, public protection, and fair circumvention. The postings will be collected on a single page to form a compilation of DRM policy issues.
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The Friday Fillip

Somewhere in between “Cest la vie”, “Whattya gonna do?” and “Shit happens” falls my new zen koan “Snakes on a Plane”.

WIFE: “Honey you stepped in dog poop again. ”
ME: “Snakes on a Plane…”
DOCTOR: “Your cholesterol is 290. Perhaps you want to mix in a walk once in a while.”
ME: “Snakes on a Plane…”
WIFE: “Honey while you were on your cholesterol walk you stepped in dog poop again.”

You get the picture.

Josh Friedman’s blog “I find your lack of faith disturbing”

I’ll never see the flick, but I might use the line if milk ever . . . [more]

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The International Distribution Institute Project

One of our lawyers pointed out the IDI, a European-based service, to me. I haven’t had a chance to use the subscription service myself, but it looks like a fabulous resource. From the English brochure:

The main purpose of the IDI Project is to set up, develop and keep updated a website ( on international distribution, where those who are engaged in establishing distribution networks and in drafting, negotiating and managing distribution contracts:

  • can find all the legal information they need for doing their job, and
  • can exchange views and share experiences with other people having the same
. . . [more]
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