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Google Gets It Together — Almost

Google doesn’t yet have an Office 2.0–a full suite of hosted productivity applications aimed at the Microsoft Office crowd, especially the small- and medium-sized firms–but starting [today] companies or organizations can deploy Google email, calendar, chat and Web page (Page Creator) hosting for free (ad supported). The set of Google communications applications is an extension of Gmail for Your Domain, and has some limited UI customization and administration features. Later this year, Google will offer a subscription service with additional storage and support options.
ZD Net: Between the Lines, “Google Office ‘version 1.0’ debuts

For an . . . [more]

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Questions About Law Schools

Tussy needs advice – and where better to get it than Slaw.

My young Canadian friend Tussy Mohr needs some advice from the Slaw community – given its diversity of backgrounds and experience. She’s like many recent graduates – wants to go to law school but is uncertain about the choices.

She’s got a good science undergraduate degree from one of the top Canadian universities, a very respectable LSAT, but faces a dilemma. Should she apply to law schools in Canada or in the United States for an LLB/JD degreeShe has a romantic transborder liaison which makes the US option . . . [more]

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Dominic Jaar

Chers Slawyers, pour la deuxième fois cette semaine je suis très heureux d’annoncer que il y a un collaborateur nouveaux (et “core”) chez Slaw. Dominic Jaar est deja bien connu ici à cause de son blogue propre, WIM: Wines and Information Management. “Par jour” il est conseiller juridique à Bell Canada (Beaudin Legault). Bienvenu, Dominic.

Dear Slawyers, for the second time this week I’m happy to announce that we have been joined by a new core contributor. Dominic Jaar is already well known to us because of his own blog, WIM: Wines and Information Management. His day job . . . [more]

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The Friday Fillip

This week’s fillip comes from a suggestion by Slawyer Steven Matthews.

We’ve given you the Which Supreme Court Judge Are You test. Now it’s time for the Which Superhero Are You quiz. I mean, it’s one thing to learn that you’re Chief Bev, but it’s quite another to discover that under that Casual – Friday – 70% – cotton – 30% – man – made – fibres – Guayabera – top there beats the secret heart of [Adjective] Person!

On a personal note, may I say that one of the superheroes you can’t be is Plastic Man, a personal . . . [more]

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Help With O’Briens Forms

This request for help from Annette Demers, Reference Librarian at the Paul Martin Law Library, University of Windsor:

I just wanted to solicit assistance from the other blog readers out there. Has anyone successfully configured access to O’Briens Forms using EZ Proxy? Currently we are using this link to OBriens but after the patron enters the OBriens website and agrees to the Terms and Conditions, we get a red “Invalid Access Method” message on the next screen that appears. What we think is happening is that ezproxy is absorbing the first cookie that gets set, so that the user

. . . [more]
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Report From Ontario Panel on Justice and the Media

Today’s headlines include stories about the possibility of cameras coming to Ontario courtrooms. This is a result of a press release released yesterday by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General about the report received from the Ontario Panel on Justice and the Media established by Attorney General Michael Bryant back in January 2005. The Panel was created to help find ways to foster understanding between the media and the justice system. The full report is now available on the Ontario Ministry of Attorney General website. According to the Executive Summary, the Panel made 17 recommendations which cover the following . . . [more]

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Freenigma is a Firefox plugin that can encrypt your webmail. You and your correspondent both have to use Freenigma for it to work, though I think each of you can use a different webmail client. Your emails get encrypted in your own browser thanks to some JavaScript in the plugin, and so nothing gets sent to Freenigma.

This might be of use for some smaller firms in which there’s a spate of really sensitive material going to and fro in email. I doubt it’ll keep the American NSA out of things, but short of that it promises to be effective. . . . [more]

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Cover Art

E journals, databases, journal aggregators, yada-yada-yada. Amidst all the furor over e content, I want to draw your attention to the Canadian Journal of Law & Society-CJLS, one of my favourite journals, simply because of the innovative cover art that they use on the cover of the journal since volume 15 in 2000. Akin to the debate on cover art on LPs after the downfall of vinyl, are we losing sight of cover art with online journals? …

Here are some recent examples of the artwork on the cover of CJLS. Hold your cursor over the image for more . . . [more]

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Podcasts of Argument

Thanks to BeSpacific, I’ve learned that the U.S. 7th Circuit federal court of appeal is making oral arguments available by podcast. The link in BeSpacific to the court page is borked“Irretrievably broken”: Urban Dictionary. It should be: The RSS feed comes in two flavours: standard audio podcast and “iTunes optimized.”

I chose the latter and popped it into iTunes. Nine oral arguments were included in the package for the ninth of August. I listened to the first, USA v. Sergio Arcuri, a criminal case. Poor Mr. Holsinger (sp?), counsel for the appellant. He . . . [more]

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Treaty Terminology

I’m in the middle of revamping an instruction session on finding tax treaties worldwide. Since most people aren’t very familiar with treaties/international agreements, I include a review/clarification of some key treaty-related terms. To help me out with this, I’ve been relying on the United Nations Treaty Reference Guide. It defines in great detail key treaty-related terminology (parties vs contracting states, treaty vs agreement vs convention, etc). It also defines terms related to treaty actions (adoption, ratification, entry into force, etc). . . . [more]

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New Compendium of U.S. Gun Laws

A group called Legal Community Against Violence, a San Francisco-based public interest law centre dedicated to preventing gun violence, has just released a comprehensive overview of U.S. federal and state laws on gun control.

The report looks at gun laws in a number of broad areas: classes of weapons, restrictions on sales and transfers, gun dealers, gun ownership, consumer and child safety, and crime detection (ballistic identification, retention of sales records, background checks).

Last December, I wrote a post on my blog Library Boy entitled Gun Control Resources that provided links to Canadian and international resources (Australia, New Zealand, . . . [more]

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Law Commission of Canada Annual Report

The Law Commission of Canada released its annual report for 2006 this week.

It is short (30 pages) and provides brief summaries of the research and consultation work done in areas such as globalization and the law, international informal banking, indigenous legal traditions, the definition of “crime”, the future of policing, secured financing on reserves, the protection of vulnerable workers, age and intergenerational relationships, and immigrant settlement. . . . [more]

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