Blogs Being Cited in Court

Today’s discusses the increase in the US judiciary in referring to Blogs within their rulings

They’ve been cited at least 32 times in 27 decisions over the last two years.

The granddaddy of all cited blogs, Ohio State law Professor Douglas Berman’s “Sentencing Law and Policy,” focuses almost exclusively on development of case law in the circuits since the Booker and Blakely decisions. His blog has been cited more than any other, 24 times in 19 opinions, including Stevens’ dissent in Booke.

In Canada a quick search turned up only four cases, and in each case the blog was relevant to the evidence not to the legal analysis:

Martinez v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) 2005 FC 1050 Canada Federal Court of Canada

R. v. Glover
2006 CanLII 8036 (ON S.C.) Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Vaillancourt c. Lagacé 2005 IIJCan 29333 (QC C.S.) Quebec Superior Court

Dempsey et al. v. Envision Credit Union et al. 2006 BCSC 1324 Date: August 29, 2006 Supreme Court of British Columbia


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