1-Supra 2- Ibid

Okay, I’ve been silent about this for a few weeks now but it continues to fester within me. The McGill guide 6th ed. is out and Ibid’ing a Supra is now fully proper. I know that many will rejoice but I feel that it is wrong and lazy. The footnote should have a one to one relationship with the original cite, not a one to two to three to the original, when I am reading a paper (online or not) I don’t want to have to go hunting for the actual cite.

I know, I know this is one of those picky librarian things and I don’t like myself for it, but one should not be able to ibid a supra.

Ahhhhh venting…….


  1. I don’t know any other discipline that ibids and supras with such abandon! It makes things difficult to read, not to mention proofread. I’m with you on this one, Mark.