Fortune on Google

There’s an interesting article on everyone’s favourite web company, Google, in the recent Fortune magazine, available online at “Chaos by design: The inside story of disorder, disarray, and uncertainty at Google. And why it’s all part of the plan. (They hope.),” by Adam Lachinsky, takes you inside the sprawling (1.3 million square feet) headquarters of the giant (annual income: $10 billion; worth: $125 billion) baby (age: 8). The punchline:

With so many moving parts, it’s natural to wonder if Google is truly a company for the ages — or whether it’s the next Galaxy, that fast-moving, arrogant, one-hit wonder in Shona Brown’s book. To believe that Google will find its second act, you have to accept the hubris and the chaos, and that the brainiacs who got lucky once will do so again. Google desperately wants to believe its nonlinear approach is all part of the plan. But as the company’s big thinkers are the first to admit, most of the questions about Google aren’t answerable. Try as they may, no one can truly control chaos.

But it’s worth reading the article to get there.

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