The Friday Fillip

Ever feel like one of these people? If so, it’s probably because it is still a paper world, despite IT. Those who till the hard soil of law have more reason to know this than most. So come the end of the week, when you’re still hanging in there, it can be refreshing to see that there are other things to do with paper than to cover them with texts.

English artist Peter Callesen makes cutouts. Only unlike those sidewalk artists that crowd the tourist spots who’ll do your silhouette for a few bucks, he’s really good — and very inventive. You have to scroll through his site to appreciate what he can do, which is often funny and sometimes a trifle dark or macabre.

If you don’t expect perfection — which would let out most of those who read Slaw, agreed — you might find it fun to give it a go yourself. You’ve got the same tools as Callesen available to you nearly all of the time, and it might even help you think about work as you snip away the inessentials to reveal a thing of near beauty.


  1. Okay, that just puts my paper snowflakes to shame!

    I also enjoyed reading about Callesen’s performance art on the same website.

  2. I love this stuff! Thanks for this. Years ago I saw some inspiring “paper-crafting” and I bought a book and embarked on a beautiful project of my own. How hard could it be? A little hand-eye coordination … paper … an exacto-knife … patience. It turns out it’s not as easy as the real artists make it look! I now admire it all the more. By the way, I never did end up with a “beautiful project of my own”. One paper-crafting book for sale or give-away.