World Domination Through Google’s Extra Services

A neat post over at Pandia Search CentralI hadn’t encountered Pandia before – a rival to Search Engine Watch (it looks like). joins the dots together surrounding Google Docs (once known as Writely): it joins

* Google search
* Gmail
* The Google Calendar
* Docs & Spreadsheets
* Google Groups

The blogger says that “this is for all practical purposes an Office package”.

Click on “all my services” and links to the following is revealed:

* Alerts (Google’s email alert service)
* Base (Google’s online database tool)
* orkut (Google’s online community site)
* Page Creator (a web page creator, rudimentary at present, but who knows…)
* Reader (a web feed reader)
* Talk (chat program)

And this is not a complete list of Google offerings.

It is certainly true that not all of these services are of a high quality and some of them are having great difficulties competing with the best — Google Talk and Google Video come to mind. Still, they are all part of one package and one log in.

All Google has to do is to make the integration more seamless and improve the quality of the weakest links, and you are close to a technological lock in.

At that point Google does not have to present the best product in all niches. Microsoft never did with Office.

It concludes: “So yes, our guess is that Google will end up as the Microsoft of the 21st century.”

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