One Day in History Blog

Britons were urged to make history on October 17th by contributing to a mass blog for the national record. Part of the national History Matters – Pass It On campaign and inspired by the Mass-Observation Archive, Britons were encouraged to write about how history itself impacted their day (for example, passing by a historic landmark, discussing family history, watching repeats of a TV show). To get a picture of life in the UK on October 17th, the blog is open to anyone who would like to contribute, including UK citizens or people with ties to the UK currently living outside the country. Interested contributors have until November 1st to submit their testimonials.
The mass diary will be publicly accessible via the History Matters website and the British Library’s Web Archive in Modern British Collections.


  1. Well I dutifully logged an entry on this site about Tuesday, which was in fact a rain-filled day when I had a lot to do with England and Scotland. What was surprising was how much of the day was recalled when I ran Copernic Desk Top Search, and how little I could remember of the conventional news I read in The Globe. They did say UK citizens and of the 308 emails I had that day, a dozen were from English sources.
    A few years ago they published A Day in The Life national editions. I saw the English and French but can’t recall whether Canada ever bothered.