Pow! Bang! WAP!

Oh woe is me. I fear I may be undone.

I do not have a BlackBerry. Not even sure how to spell it. And although my phone, a sleek but already dated Motorola Razr, can browse the web, I don’t particularly care to see the world through the teensy weensy aperture that WAP (wireless application protocol) enabled sites must live inside, because I want the pictures along with the text.

But I do like my email. Rather more than I should, perhaps, having been known to check it, um… quite regularly. You know that special plop sound that really good mail makes when it falls through the slot in your front door? That’s the sound I want my “you have new email” alert to make.

The problem is that I learned just a few minutes ago that Google has more or less perfected an email application for cell phones. This is not the web browser email that Google has been offering. Oh no. This is a simple, fast, usable application that downloads into your phone in seconds from http://gmail.com/app forcing compelling allowing someone like me to check his email quite efficiently no matter where he is despite the fact that he has eschewed (yes: eschewed) a BlackBerry.

So you see: I am probably undone.

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