Attack of the Robo-Lawyers

I’m a fan of cheezy science fiction movies, so when I saw this subtitle on The National for October/November I was intrigued enough to pick it up and browse. It has a lot of short articles and sidebars relevant to the postings on slaw, including an short piece by one of our contributors, Dominic Jaar. Its worth a look at.

Of course, this being Friday and all, if you want to check out some weird sci-fi take a look at The 5.000 Fingers of Dr. T. Something of major cultural event when I was growing up on Vancouver Island in the 60’s, for obvious if not dubious reasons.


  1. In fact, it is a long piece (in French) from Patrick Cormier and myself and a short translation to English … ;-) We are still trying to steer the French legal market into blogging!

  2. I just realised you were referring to my very short article on Zoho (La Légende de Zoho at p.10) while I was referring to the article on Blogging (À vos marques, prêts, blogguez! at p.32) and its English abstract drafted by Alison Amot (Mind your langage at p.34).