FYI I wanted to draw your attention to a N.B. case where a blogger was arrested and charged with obstructing justice while taking pictures of a protest that occurred last summer in Saint John, N.B. Last week the Judge in the case acquitted the blogger saying that he was “plying his trade” as a journalist at the time of the arrest. Link to story. It does not appear that the case has been made available through the various sources as of yet. Link to Blog in question.

On a different Blog matter, the following link is to a Blog (originally in Chinese) that is giving out passwords to enable people to access the databases of various universities. I have not fully explored this blog but from a cursory glance there are few dot ca’s there but if someone reading this is connected to the U of Ottawa library you might want to look into this, if you haven’t already.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the NB case! Earlier this year I happened to have my camera on hand when I walked past a large and well-publicized protest at the U.S. consulate here in Toronto. It was interesting to me for various reasons, but I wondered at the legalities of it especially if I decided to post these photos to my blog or even just to Flickr. I didn’t post them because they don’t fit into the scope of my blog, but I still wondered about what problems might arise. Will have to take a look.


  2. I am going to watch for the case going up and I’ll post when it does.

  3. Grazie tantissime Signor MondoBlog