The Friday Fillip


It’s been raining cats, dogs and manatees here in Toronto, and it seems that much of the country is being visited by water in one form or another. Which gets me half way to this week’s Fillip. The other half is the grey that November (the Thursday of months) can and does for us here, at least, provide. So it’s time for something completely frivolous, plashy — and grey.

The game of battleship meets all these requirements. And there’s a wonderful site on the web, Battleships, General Quarters, replete with nifty sound effects and pics of desperately handsome sailors where you can play against the computer. You have only to click “play game” on the menu, give the machine a sobriquet (six letters or more), disport your fleet (drag and drop, with right-arrow on the keyboard for turning 90 degrees) and you’re off.

I realize this is a tad… warlike, but I assure you that not even pixels will harmed in the playing of the game, so hoist the jack and take a shot at it.

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