Five Things Etc.

Steve Matthews tagged me in the “5 things you didn’t know about me” game, so I feel obliged…

  1. I once performed with my folk trio on Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour on ABC-TV (an early early version of American Idol?) and lost to a man who tap-danced with a table in his teeth.
  2. As a child I lived for a while in South Dakota — and am likely the only person you’ve ever “met” who has done that. (No, Fargo is in the other Dakota.)
  3. I am an enthusiastic rough carpenter and love hammering a nail almost more than I like oysters, live music or German beer.
  4. In earlier times I was a scofflaw and accumulated a substantial number of parking tickets the upshot of which was that, when the cop shop informed me that they wouldn’t take a cheque, I was thrown (well, herded gently) into the clink (the old Don Jail, actually) and spent a few jittery hours behind bars before a friend showed up with a get out of jail free card and the necessary $50.
  5. My favourite places are cities, and my favourite city is Amsterdam, though Paris is gaining on the outside.

In the spirit of this meme, I tag forward: Dominic Jaar.

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