Citizendium Goes Live

citizendium.pngCitizendium, the “expert-led, public participatory, wiki-based project to sum up human knowledge” is now open for business. They have roughly a thousand articles on tap at this point and will presumably increase that count regularly over time. There’s nothing on law, yet, that I could see, so the field’s wide open, people. They need editors and authors; signing up is easy.

For a test cruise, try hitting the “random page” button.


  1. I did a double-take because it sounds just like Wikipedia. Sure enough, it has been created by one of the founders of Wikipedia and is an attempt to improve upon that model. Great timing, what with the recent Microsoft Wikipedia fiasco…

  2. Wikipedia was started after the founders tried the expert-based model – and it failed miserably. Why should it go otherwise this time?

  3. Socrates (“I know nothing”) perhaps would heed to Wikipedia