Video Explaining Peer Assist


University of Ottawa’s uOttawa Centre for e-Learning and the Bellanet International Secretariat have created a nice animation showing how to use the “peer assist” technique in solving a problem. I was expecting it to involve electronic media to allow people to work together; however, in this case it describes bringing together a group of people face to face with a mediator to help in solving one problem. It also describes a rotating peer assist, wherein more than one problem needs solving so several groups of people are brought together and the mediator and person with the problem rotate through the groups.

Sound complicated? Well, the video explains it very clearly. It runs about 8 minutes. And, the best thing: it is covered under Creative Commons with a NonCommercial-ShareAlike license allowing other educational groups to use this video.

This video is a fantastic model for clearly explaining things. Even if you are not interested in peer assist, it is worth a look.

Link courtesy of Information Overlord.

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