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McGill Conference on Charter’s 25th Anniversary

The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada is hosting a conference from February 14 to 16 entitled The Charter @ 25.

“Our goal is to assemble a broad cross-section of people who can offer unique insights into the changes that have been effected by the Charter and offer a glimpse into the future. The Institute’s approach is unique such that the conference is not designed as a mere celebration of the anniversary of the Charter but rather as a ‘cerebration’, a reflection on the past, an analysis of the present and an anticipation of future developments.”

Further details: . . . [more]

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Breakthrough in Search? Is the World Ready for a Wikisearch?

I stumbled on an interesting set of interviews with Jimmy Wales in Wired and Searchengineland, about an experiment to apply the Web 2.0 spirit of collaboration to the building of the platform to develop a new open source search engine with user-editable search resultsIt seems as if the project went public after a premature story in The Times.. Here it is – in its own words:

Search is part of the fundamental infrastructure of the Internet. And, it is currently broken.

Why is it broken? It is broken for the same reason that proprietary software is

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Legal Research Training Tools – Your Comments Please

The Project

The Priestly Law Library at the University of Victoria, Faculty of Law and the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC recently received funding from the BC Law Foundation to further develop a legal research website and a legal research software tool (a downloadable program that runs locally on Windows). The project is at a point where we are interested in receiving comments from the readers of Slaw.


Approximately 3 years ago one of the Law Foundations major funding initiatives supported a project called “Online Learning for Lawyers and Law Students”. The CLE Society of BC, the University . . . [more]

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Introducing the 2006 CLawBies – Canada Law Blog Awards

In the spirit of the Blawggies and the Blawg Review Awards, our own Steve Matthews has instituted the CLawBies (the Canada Law Blog Awards).

There are eleven CLawby categories:

1) Best Canadian Law Blog (or Blogger) Award
2) Best Practitioner Support Blog
3) Legal Culture Award
4) Non-Legal Audience Award
5) Friend of the North Awards
6) EuroCan Connection Awards
7) Practice Management Award
8) Law Librarian Blog Award
9) Best Legal Technology Blog
10) Best New Law Blog Award
11) Law Professor Blog Award

How many SLAWyers can you find in his list?

Great job on this, . . . [more]

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More Information on Indlii

Today’s Hindu has a useful piece on what is going to be covered in the new Indian Legal Information Institute:

The India Legal Information Institute’s new website providing free of cost all legal information, including judgments of the Supreme Court, High Courts, tribunals and even district courts, “has now become fully operational.”

The institute was committed to

collecting legal information about India from all available sources;

publishing it on the Internet with free and full public access;

granting the public rights to use legal resources without any restriction;

creating awareness of the availability of free legal resources;

removing hurdles to

. . . [more]
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A Great Coming Into Force

At the stroke of midnight, while most of us were either whooping it up or bedding down, our doughty law was labouring on our behalf to bring new laws, regs, and sections thereof into force and effect. Herewith a very small sampling of law that specifically incorporates today’s date:

  • Canada: The amount paid to a pensioner under the Guaranteed Income Supplement each month is increased by between $14.50 and $18. [Old Age Security Act]
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: The minimum wage rose a quarter to $7.00. [Labour Standards Regulations]
  • Nova Scotia: There are new regluations concerning seat
. . . [more]
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