A Great Coming Into Force

At the stroke of midnight, while most of us were either whooping it up or bedding down, our doughty law was labouring on our behalf to bring new laws, regs, and sections thereof into force and effect. Herewith a very small sampling of law that specifically incorporates today’s date:

  • Canada: The amount paid to a pensioner under the Guaranteed Income Supplement each month is increased by between $14.50 and $18. [Old Age Security Act]
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: The minimum wage rose a quarter to $7.00. [Labour Standards Regulations]
  • Nova Scotia: There are new regluations concerning seat belts, specifically the meaning of “booster seat.” [Regulations Concerning Seat Belts – PDF]
  • Prince Edward Island: The mayor and councillors for the City of Summerside, elected in November last year, take office. [The City of Summerside Act]
  • New Brunswick: Tax payable by a corporation is reduced from 13% to 12% of the corporation’s taxable income earned in the year in New Brunswick. [New Brunswick Income Tax Act]
  • Québec: Any person who holds a broker’s certificate or a real estate agent’s certificate issued by the Association des courtiers et agents immobiliers du Québec is now entitled to be issued a mortgage broker licence, on request. [Autorité des marchés financiers]
  • Ontario: Hereafter, daylight saving time will start 2 a.m. standard time on the second Sunday in March (instead of the first Sunday in April) and end 2 a.m. daylight saving time on the first Sunday in November (instead of on the last Sunday in October). [Ontario Regulation: Variation of Time in Effect]
  • Manitoba: Podiatrists must complete a to-be-established number of hours of continuing professional education over the two years starting from today. [Podiatrists Regulation]
  • Saskatchewan: Child care centres must ensure that 20% of their child care workers employed for 65 hours or more a month meet the qualifications of an early childhood educator III, continuing the raising of professional standards begun some years ago. [Child Care Regulations]
  • Alberta: The service charge to be paid to Alberta Milk by a milk producer for each hectolitre of received raw milk (except farm separated cream) is raised from last year’s service charge of $1.27 to $1.29. [Alberta Milk Marketing Regulation]
  • Yukon Territory: This begins the second of the two notional years available to a corporation respecting income tax for various purposes. [Act to Amend the Income Tax Act]

No wonder much of this legal work is called housekeeping: like housework — like much if not most of all law, in fact — it is of staggering mundaneity, and quite crucial to the continued existence of civilzation.

Happy new year — and good housekeeping!

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