Grass-Roots Academic Podcasting With Jim Milles, University at Buffalo Law School

I am currently sitting in Jim Milles’ session at Podcamp Toronto. He has discussed his new podcasting regime at the University at Buffalo, recording interviews of faculty and visiting professors on papers they are working on. podcamp wiki. Jim is also recording the audio and will be posting it to his other podcast, Check This Out!.


  1. Hi Connie- I wanted to say thanks for coming out to PodCamp, and I’m really excited to have met you at the event. You were such good energy. I’m really hoping we can continue the conversation. — Chris Brogan…

  2. It was fun to meet you, Chris!

    Just an explanation for Slawyers: Chris Brogan is one of the originators of Podcamp, starting with Podcamp Boston –what?–about 3 years ago. He is a high-energy guy who works on building personal connections with people, not just virtual ones. It was great fun to attend his sessions and also watch this expert networker in action! Chris Penn, who also helped start Podcamp, was also there conducting sessions.