Bilingual Blogging – What Application?

This question came up in a recent meeting I attended, and now I am curious: for those tackling bilingual blogging, is anyone using bilingual software? That is, software that has the navigation available separately in both French and English.

Most popular blogging applications were created in the U.S. and are in English only. I have had a look at the Drupal website. Drupal is Open Source and is available in quite a number of languages now. Has anyone tried to use Drupal for more than one language simultaneously?

Inquiring mimes want to know.


  1. Okay, so I am going to start by answering my own question because since I posted that, I found someone who managed to use WordPress for a bilingual blog (English/Spanish). She does a write-up of how she did it here:

    English version: (or )

    Spanish version:

    Other examples??

  2. Connie, take a look at Planet Ozh for a Javascript technical solution to running a bilingual blog in WordPress.