Goodman and Carr LLP Winding Down Partnership

There’s a brief article in the Globe online reporting that the partners at the significant Toronto law firm Goodman & Carr LLP voted last night to wind down the partnership over the next few months.


  1. Word was quietly going around the Toronto law firms this morning. Once this article was posted, word then spread quickly. This is proof that keeping a law partnership going is indeed a delicate business!

    My thoughts and best wishes are with my friends and colleagues at G&C.

  2. March 14, 2007 was a very sad day in the legal industry in this Country. Leaving in 2005 due to geographical reasons, I did have the pleasure of working at G&C for four years and can honestly say it was the best company I have worked for in my 18 years in this industry.

    Many of my friends still working at G&C are still in shock they will have to find new places of employment, some of whom have only ever worked at G&C!

    My heart goes out to all of my friends who are now scrambling to find a new jobs before the doors are locked.

    Onward and upward…