How Many Books Would It Take To….?

This is hardly about law but I’m sure we can make a connection; however, it does have something to do with research and libraries:
George W. Bush’s Presidential Library: A Room of His Own – (2007) 382:8520 The Economist 58. Apparently Southern Methodist University has been selected as the site for George W. Bush’s Presidential Library; with some misgivings.

The process as detailed in Wikipedia: George W. Bush Presidential Library selection.

…. so many places I could take this… but I’m going to restrain myself. However, I wonder who can come up with the best crack in the comments…..?

So if we insist on something related to law: Vancouverites might be able to elaborate, from CBC.CA, YouTube fight between firefighter, police could lead to lawsuit.


  1. I wonder how many of the presidential papers are going to actually make it to the presidential library? I’m just thinking most of them are going to be restricted, aren’t they? Or can they open the library but then keep it closed to the public? (Okay, that’s not a humorous comment, but then again I don’t find much about Bush to be funny. Well, except for when Jon Stewart imitates him. HE’s funny.)

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of, “just how many “Where’s Waldo?” books are there anyhow?”

  3. …or the limited edition “International Relations for Dummies”