Delightful Diary Based on Diagrams

I had missed last week’s BBC Magazine which starts a Blog column based upon hand-drawn diagrams like this:


It’s described (somewhat pedestrianly) as

a neat analysis of modern life, all incorporated into that underused medium of index cards, the type of which one would have found in the pre-computer school library.

The original site is well worth finding.

Here is another image:

Indexed 2

Whimsy for a Friday, even if it’s not the Fillip


  1. Lovely. This reminds me of David Byrne’s book Arboretum which has drawings of different terminologies, taxonomies, life observations, which all seem to look like trees.

    Website for Arboretum:

    View the drawings:

  2. Priit Parmakson

    Very talented.. I’d say it’s even worth googling a bit to finding out more, like:

    PowerPoint/Audience Sleep ration