Mindmaps Online

kayuda.pngAs the Web 2.0 thing plays itself out, spreading into all available niches much like Darwin’s finches, mindmapping online is getting the biz. I’m a confirmed FreeMind user — that free, cross-platform Java-based mind map that does pretty much all that I need when I want to construct a mostly hierarchical model of something, that I’ve talked about before — but there’s no harm in checking out the online competition.

Web Worker Daily has done a review of all four of the newbies, three of them (bubbl.us, Mindomo, MindMeister) together and then Kayuda by itself.

None of them (yet) does what FreeMind and it’s pricier commercial alternatives does, but Kayuda comes closest, perhaps. So for that time when you want collaborative brainstorming among folks who are not able to reach the same whiteboard or flip chart, you might want to take a quick look at these, add them to your box of tools, and haul one out at the right moment to amaze the crowd and consolidate your rep as the firm’s go-to person for IT.


  1. Wow! Thanks Simon, I wasn’t aware of these Mindmaps tools… I was paying a licence for a software that did not work well!

  2. Hi Simon,

    Dave Storrs here, head of the Kayuda team. First off, thanks for reviewing us, and we appreciate the positive commentary (i.e., that we come closest to what you need).

    You comment above that “None of [the online mindmapping tools, including Kayuda] (yet) does what FreeMind…does….” Here’s my question for you, then–what is missing? What would it take to convert you from FreeMind to Kayuda? What would it take to make you say “Wow! This rocks!” ? Kayuda is still in an early stage, and we’re looking for guidance from our users on how it should grow. If you, or anyone reading this, would be willing to offer advice, I’d be really interested to hear it. My email address is “dstorrs” and the domain name is “wotanllc.com” If you’d like to stop by our forums, the link is http://forums.kayuda.com/