Death Announcement for Public Libraries Is Premature

In an Internet age, the public library system is as healthy as ever, according to a report from the ALA released today.

“Far from hurting American libraries, the Internet has actually helped to spur more people to use their local libraries because it has increased our hunger for knowledge and information,” Loriene Roy, president-elect of the American Library Assn., said in a statement.

According to the ALA’s State of America’s Libraries report for 2007, the number of libraries offering free Internet use increased 400% from 1994 to 2004, with 99% of libraries providing such a service. Visits to libraries increased 61% during that time, to more than 1.2 billion by 2004.

Here are all the releases, plus a piece by the LA Times.

Full Report (PDF)

Press Release

Executive Summary

Library use grows among adults, children and students

Reasons for using the library vary by age, race

Public libraries provide vital Internet access

Public libraries are a good investment

Libraries boost economic development

New public libraries are still in demand

Plus Dr. Roy

Dr. Roy

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