[Jott From Simon Fodden] This Is a Post Done via Jott. for Those Who Us Don’t Have Blackberry and We Don’…

 This is a post done via Jott. For those who us don’t have blackberry and we don’t like to fuss with itchy witchy keyboards on regular cell phones Jott.com is interesting the idea is simple, we phone into Jott on 1800 number tell the voice to whom you want to send the message, speak the message and have it sent to the recipients e-mail fully transcribed and available as a sound recording as well. You can opt to have its


  1. See the following post for the full story. This post was limited to 30 seconds of recording time. And the link to Slaw from Jott was made through an application called Egorcast

  2. I have yet to try the Jott blog thing. I’ve seen so many out there its nuts! I mainly use it for my music, because I’m a forgetful one. haha I just jott my ideas for a guitar riff and I’m done! Read for me to try it out at home whe nI listen to it

    For anyone who hasn’t given jott a try….TRY IT! ITs FREE