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Mersey, Mersey Me.

On the day of Dalhouise Law’s 2007 Convocation (if you follow this link around 1:30-2ish AST, 12:30 EST, you might see the 2007 grads marching up the street) I want to bring your attention to a Maritime case that was decided in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court on May 16. In R. v. Mersey Seafoods Ltd., 2007 NSSC 155 , Justice Warner ruled that the occupational health and safety legislation of Nova Scotia does not apply to a fishing vessel based out of Nova Scotia. In paras. 99 & 103 of the decision Justice Warner states:

“[99] Safety aboard ships,

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Google Translate

The day before yesterday Google released Translate, a new search tool that lets you use your mother tongue to search for results in other languages, using machine translation of course. It currently works for 12 languages: English, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified). The new tool is introduced in this press release from Google.

To test it out go to (Using simply will take you to, which is Google’s plain translation page.)

In true Canadian fashion I asked it to mediate between our two official languages, using the . . . [more]

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Non-Assertion Convenants

Sun Microsystems holds some patents that might be trespassed on by the folks developing open ID software. So what are they doing about it? They’re promising never to rely on the patents, thus freeing developers from the anxiety of a possible future lawsuit, and that by a particularly large gorilla. Evidently this is not the first time they’ve taken this open source route, and Simon Phipps, one of their own, has blogged about ten reasons why this approach is sometimes the best way to go and why others should adopt it.

The covenant is brief and intelligible:

Sun Microsystems irrevocably

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Succeeding as a Librarian

A nice piece from the Chronicle of Higher Education from Todd Gilman a senior librarian at Yale about how to succeed as a librarian – and what habits are essential.

Granted the advice is framed with reference to faculty – but the lessons wouldn’t be lost on law firm partners either.




Communication . . . [more]

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Facebook Praise

For those of you who already love Facebook, Andrew McAfee from Harvard Business School is also raving about it. Read his praise for Facebook’s privacy and disclosure controls, its very social software features, and its many channels and platforms for interaction. He also goes on to write about Facebook’s lessons for Enterprise 2.0: its unique features can be useful for employees within a company. Allowing employees to build social networks in Facebook style may encourage them to use collaboration technologies adopted by their company. . . . [more]

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Welcome BIALL Blog & ALLICE Too

From our friend lo-fi librarian:

The British and Irish Association of Law Librarians is blogging! Contributors include: Angela Donaldson, Fiona Durrant, John Franssen and James Mullan of LI Issues.

The BIALL Blog

And once on the BIALL blog, I found out that ALLICE (Association of Law Librarians in Central England) has a new blog up as well.

Congratulations to both groups, and best of luck! . . . [more]

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While I’m on search engines (see my prior post about Google’s universal search), I recommend that you take a look at hakia, a new search engine still in beta. It seems to be a project that began in Turkey and that now has its base in the U.S. It’s aiming for the higher end research market, it would appear:

hakia’s capabilities will appeal to all Web searchers – especially those engaged in research on knowledge intensive subjects, such as medicine, law, finance, science, and literature.

(This is the first time I’ve ever seen law mentioned as a target discipline . . . [more]

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Google and Universal Search

“We want to help you find the very best answer, even if you don’t know where to look.”

Sounds like something a librarian might say. But it’s Marissa Mayer, a Google V.P., talking about that fact that Google’s many search options — news, video, images, blogs, etc. — might be confusing for people. Last week Google announced it was initiating “universal search,” the aim being to “blend content from Images, Maps, Books, Video, and News into our web results.”

Some searches throw up images or videos, others yield news reports, in addition to the usual mound of web page results. . . . [more]

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Canadian Judicial Council 2005-2006 Annual Report

The Canadian Judicial Council has released Justice Matters, its 2005-2006 Annual Report.

“In 2005-06, the Council approved several important initiatives created by its committees to support judges in improving access to justice. These tools include principles for dealing with self-represented litigants, model policy on access to court records, research into alternate models of court administration, and jury instructions designed to minimize the risk associated with dismissed cases”.

“The Council also continues to carry out its important mandate of reviewing complaints against federally appointed judges. Canadians expect and deserve the highest standards of conduct from their judges, and the Council

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CALL and SLA Legal Division Conference Materials

A recent posting on the CALL-L discussion list points out that some of the presentations from the recent Canadian Association of Law Libraries Conference 2007, held earlier this month, have been posted to the CALL web site here. Similarly, readers may be interested in taking a look at presentations and materials for some of the Legal Division sessions for the forthcoming Special Libraries Association Annual Meeting 2007, available here. As that meeting (usually engaging and interesting, in my experience) is still a couple of weeks away, additional materials may yet be posted. . . . [more]

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