West’s Encyclopedia of American Law on Answers.com

Thomson Gale has added its West’s Encyclopedia of American Law to Answers.com, in their Law Encyclopedia Topics section. From what I can tell this is a sponsored addition.

This is quite handy for looking up discussion on legal topics with a U.S. perspective, especially if your library does not have U.S. materials in a certain area. Access is free and arranged alphabetically, or may come up in an Answers.com search. This is just one of several tools in the Answers.com arsenal of resources, the most famous of which is Wikipedia.

To see what reference sources are being added to Answers.com, have a look at their What’s New on Answers.com page. It looks like they are adding resources all the time, making this an increasingly strong go-to source for–yes indeed–answers!

June 22, 2007 at 7:30 am.

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