Xerox Fact Spotter

Xerox is touting it’s new semantic search development, Fact Spotter.

The “smart” search engine can comb through almost any document regardless of the language, location, format or type; take advantage of the way humans think, speak and ask questions; and discriminate the results highlighting just a handful of relevant answers instead of returning thousands of unrelated responses.

“Our advanced search engine goes beyond today’s typical ‘keyword’ search or current data-mining programs, which typically end up searching only 40 percent of all the documents that are relevant because the keywords are too limiting,” said Frédérique Segond, manager of parsing and semantics research at XRCE. “Xerox’s tool is more accurate because it delves into documents, extracting the concepts and the relationships among them. By ‘understanding’ the context, it returns the right information to the searcher, and it even highlights the exact location of the answer within the document.”

They are planning to release it “next year” — this from an undated press release — as part of Xerox Litigation Services, a package that, among other things, aims at helping lawyers cope with e-discovery.

[via ResearchBuzz]

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