The Blue Pages?

Yesterday I had one of those “What did we do in the old (i.e. pre-web) days?” experiences, as, I suspect, did many others who were similarly trying to access information from some particular government web sites. The Ontario ministry site from which I was seeking some information was down and had been for a while. I thought I’d make some phone calls instead, but where to find a phone number? Of course, the online government directory – but it was down as well. Then I remembered the blue pages in an “old-fashoned” phone book – but of course no phone book in my office. I found a main G.O. info number on an “up” portion of the site so called it – along with many other folks, judging by the 45 minute wait time. When I got through, I gathered that others had been calling for the same reason, as the attendant knew of the web-inaccessibility problem (and that the site had just come back up!).

I’m not even really web generation (I grew up with a rotary-dial phone). I hope I don’t get to the “What did we do before…” point with the blackberry (with which I’m composing this post and on which, by the way, Slaw renders very well…).

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