Rage Pages on Wikipedia

Seems that digging into Wikipedia’s online community is all the rage these days (bad pun intended). Following up on Connie’s post last week on Wikiscanner, we now have Wikirage. This time, we get a tool that tracks the entries with the largest number of edits over a certain period of time – 1 hr, 6 hrs, 3 days, past week, or past month.

And to give this a Canadian spin, one of today’s rage pages is the entry for the Vancouver Canucks, who changed their logo yesterday. We even get a fun graph on the number of edits over the past 28 days.

Definitely one for the ‘cool tool’ pile, but not very practical for daily use, IMO. What Wikirage really needs is an RSS feed that could be filtered, or email alerts, to notify users when rage pages match their chosen keywords. Now that would be a cool tool!

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