5 Law Librarians Make Top Bibliobloggers List

The Online Education Database came up with a method to determine who the top library bloggers are.

The methodology took into account various measures such as Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati Authority, and number of Bloglines subscribers.

These contests are always a bit “iffy” (see post questioning some of the criteria) but what the heck? Let’s pat ourselves on the back.

5 blogs featuring law librarians (including 2 Canucks who are Slawyers!) made the top 25 list:

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  1. Congratulations Steve and Connie! But then, we knew you were the best.

    Speaking of the best, too bad Library Boy didn’t meet the entry criteria, because you would have been near the top too.

  2. Blog metrics are difficult to measure, and there were a number of popular blogs notably missing from the list. That being said, this has brought a lot of new traffic to my site, so I mustn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Thanks for making note. I have long felt Michel-Adrien to have superior content on Library Boy, deserving of at least as much recognition!!

  3. Completely agree on the metrics side. I’m a big fan of the exposure created by lists like these, but in the end you can’t read too much into them.

    The other Law Library blogs mentioned are simply great blogs and well worth reading. Joe Hodnicki and crew at the Law Librarian Blog, the Handheld Librarian which includes long time law library blogger Grace Lee and Barbara Fullerton, and of course the fantastic Jason Eiseman! Congrats to all our friends south of the border!

  4. Thanks all. And congrats as well. There were definitely quite a few people I like who didn’t end up on the list, Library Boy being one of them.

    We’ll probably never see a truly reliable measure of web site popularity. It’s nice though when we can get our day in the sun.