Free Internet Tools for Entrepreneurs

The Bootstrapper blog has a list of 100 free products and services available on the Internet for poor entrepreneurs starting and running businesses. The list features all types of handy tools ranging from productivity software, office software, and accounting software. It also highlights free resources related to networking, communication, print and web design, marketing and sales, and customer service and relations. Best of all, it points to sites that offer free samples of trade magazines, packaging and mailing materials, coffee, coffee mugs, paper, post-its, postage, pens, and more!

I can see poor students loving this list too. Pass it on.


  1. Great list thank you. I would also recommend some services that are practically free but are well worth the money for an entrepreneur.

    Grasshopper = gives you a toll free number and lets you set up extensions and email voice mail. very nice and makes your company seem professional.

    WaterMyBlog = Great for those of us who have no time to maintain our blog or website. They write custom articles that are targeted to your audience and posted on your blog.