The Secret to Extending Your 2.0

I’m finally figuring out some things when it comes to ‘talking’ once and ‘publishing’ many. Ok Matthews, what are you going on about? 2.0 of course! Facebook, Blogging, RSS feeds and Twitter to be exact.

One of the awkward things about all these 2.0 applications is deciding where to publish. Where do I put my thoughts online? Do I blog, linkblog, twitter, or facebook? Well, I *think* I have a solution!

  • Step 1 is to decide where to publish. And the answer is not Facebook or Twitter. I’ve come to the conclusion that both should be considered content destinations and are not the place for content creation. Unless of course with Twitter, you’re making a solo entry on the website.

    Content creation should be done at the blog or linkblog level. For linkblogs using either a converted blog like Connie or I do, or a linkblog web-tool like furl or

  • Step 2 is to install the connecting tools, namely: the twitter application for facebook and twitterfeed.

Now, follow me here. Here’s the ugly logic: TwitterFeed watches the RSS from your blog or linkblog, and will re-publish a short note about your blog posts to Twitter. And then in turn, the Twitter-Facebook App will re-publish your Twitter posts to Facebook.

And voila! Bob’s Your Uncle. We write in detail once, and alert both Twitter and Facebook with no additional effort.

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