Canadian Film Library in Danger

Since the Toronto International Film Festival just happened here, I thought this piece of news would be interesting to everyone: Canada’s National Film Board’s library of more than 13,000 films is in danger because it does not have the technology required to digitize the collection. So sad.


  1. sad and infuriating.

    i happened to just receive the 2007-2008 NFB catalogue and looked at their ‘in celebration of nunavut’ collection. $2400 for the whole series of VHS tapes ? first, i haven’t used a VHS in over 5 years and second, why shouldn’t such a collection be made available in nunavut gratis given the subject matter ? last summer, a friend of mine had a contract to identify and catalogue NFB films dealing with inuit subjects and brought a few up for a road show. she got an enthusiastic response from the communities, but was not allowed to leave any of her dvd’s behind for local use.

    in fact, why should any of the nfb films have to be sold to canadians at all ? thinking radically here, if i were the minister of canadian heritage, i’d enlist the sizable coffers of, say google, to get these films digitized and have them available to any canadian via youtube. you’d resolve the issues of information preservation and the perceived risk of being culturally swamped in one fell swoop. imagine if every classroom in canada (and the world for that matter) could have free access to these materials for review and discussion.