In trying to get into the Halloween spirit, I have conducted a small search for ghouly related material in various Canadian legal fields. However; the only mention of Halloween in Canadian Legislation is in the Proclamation Declaring October 31st of each year to be “National UNICEF Day”. Vampires do get mentioned in the Wild Animal and Plant Trade Regulations but there is no mention of werewolves, zombies, mummies,or dracula. Mummy’s do get mentioned quite often in caselaw but that is a different type of mummy than what is associated with Halloween. Some of the other ghoulies mentioned previously come up in caselaw but most of the time these mentions are related to sexual assault cases and I do not want to draw attention to them here. So largely my search was not fruitful; except, for my discovery of the, most promisingly named, “HALLOWEEN AGREEMENT (scroll a bit).” One might think that this has something to do with candy collecting, or a peace that was settled after a particularly nasty egging. Actually, the nasty egging analogy might be accurate. This agreement was struck on October 31, 1985 between the government of Canada and three of the more prominent oil producing provinces in Canada at the time, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia regarding the pricing of gas in Canada. A more proper name for the agreement being: Agreement on National Gas markets and Pricing. But this agreement is, sadly, short on mentions of ghosts, ghouls, zombies, werewolves, ghosts or vampires.

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