Steve Matthews, Slawyer and the person behind Stem Legal Web Enterprises, has once again shown his technical chops. Now that the Canadian legal publishers have finally come into this decade by putting out RSS feeds, thanks in large measure to his and Connie Crosby’s chivvying and chiding, ((See, e.g., Canadian Legal Publishers – RSS Feed Update)), there’s some interesting publisher data to work with.

Steve has taken advantage of the various tools that are out there now on the web to mix and to gather the feeds into one place,

There you’ll find an aggregation of the most recent materials put out by the publishers, as well as a separate feed and feed reader for each of the publishers so that if you want to delve deeper into CCH Canada’s list or that from Irwin Law you can do that without leaving the site. In addition there’s a Rollyo search box he’s built that will let you search across all the Canadian legal publishers’ sites.

This site is a brilliant illustration of what can be done on the web to make our working lives easier, and an illustration, too, of how giving away information in XML format can redound to the giver’s benefit again and again.

Congratulations, Steve. And thanks.


  1. And thanks to Connie Crosby who picked up this torch and carried it for a long time.

    Also… A big thanks to the many members of CALL who sent me their feedback and praise. Email notifications and making the site mobile friendly are two features that can be expected soon. Keep those ideas coming! :-)

  2. Great job, Steve! is just what I needed!

  3. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but would it be too much to ask LegalPubs to serve beer?

  4. Any particular brand? syndicated pilsner has a wicked aftertaste. Maybe RSS happy hour could be Tuesday after work?

    Michael, you must be enjoying the pub culture of Victoria. :-)

  5. Virtual beer… though perhaps not my first choice, I imagine that the virtual hangover would be preferable.

  6. This is indeed a great initiative, Steve. In case noone else has mentioned it, though, there seem to be some redundancies (unless it’s just me doing something silly). In the last three days, subscribing with Mozilla Thunderbird, I have had 6 entries each for a number of Carswell items, e.g., Legal Liability of Doctors and Hospitals, and 5 each for a number of LexisNexis items, e.g., Taxonomy Change for Quicklaw. I had a brief look at the xml at the Carswell and LexisNexis sites, but wasn’t able to make an easy diagnosis.

  7. John: Likely what’s happening is that the feed sources don’t include a ‘guid’ marker as a unique identifier. I am filtering out duplicates based on the URL, but without the guid included from the original feeds, many desktop readers can get confused.

    The web-based readers typically do a better job of filtering duplicates. I haven’t had this issue with bloglines, for example. … short story is, the same situation would be happening if you subscribed to each feed separately. As publishers increase the meta-data within the feeds, the process should get smoother.

    (and yes I know this resolves nothing … I’ll see if there’s anything I can do as a middleman…)