Canadian Legal Publishers – RSS Feed Update

Since Steve Matthew’s post back in May about LexisNexis adding RSS feeds to their website, two more Canadian legal publishers have entered the ring:

Congratulations, both! My dream from last February is slowly becoming a reality.

I am now regularly reading these feeds in my feedreader to stay up to date with the latest titles coming out. A news feed is a good idea as well.

When will the other publishers follow suit? Yesterday I was showing my rep from one of the other publishers how it works from the user’s perspective, and she was duly impressed. She has promised to take word back. I encourage others to spread the word!


  1. Has anyone else forwarded Connie’s post to the major legal publishers who are not yet offering rss feeds? If not, don’t hesitate to put yet another bug in their ears.

  2. What I would like to see is the courts distributing new decisions, practice directions, etc. by RSS feed — surely there is a clerk or researcher at the Ontario Court of Appeal, to name one, who could arrange for that court’s decisions and practice directions/advisories to be distributed upon release (they are already posted online). It would be a very simple further step to set up a number of different feeds for different areas of law — start maybe with commercial litigation, family law, criminal law, admin law, insurance?