Kb, Mb, Gb or Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel

As I take a moment from battening down the hatches here on the East Coast today, I simply want to ask a question of Slaw-ers out there. What is the Quota of your institutional or company email account?

Not your gmail, hotmail, yahoo or whatever interweb service, but the email account supplied to you by your employer or institution. Here at Dalhousie I have a 97.66mb limit and after being on a little hiatus recently, I had to fight to get my inbox under control but also to stay under the quota. So I’m just curious as to what the norm might be. In this age of the above mentioned services, a quota seems quite redundant to me. Which is exactly what the above listed services want me to think. Please, don’t get sidetracked by scolding me for inbox management. And if you don’t mind, mention if you are at a firm, a university, gov’t organization, etc.


  1. This is just to say, Mark, that I hope Noel does little damage. Let us know how it went. We’ll be thinking of your — but not emailing you.

  2. Having lived through Juan, Noel was nowhere near as harmful. However, Saturday night was interesting nonetheless. It seems that Waves did much of the damage that was done. Neptune was indeed active. I’m looking for some good photo galleries and will post them when they come up.

  3. Juan and White Juan were the lowlights of my daughter’s Dalhousie years.

    And just to answer the question, at 80 MB, I start to get warnings that I’m close to capacity, and that it’s time to batch print the email to Adobe Professional 8.0.

    I also have a folder preset for mail over 100 KB so I can see when someone has sent a useless attachment that could easily be zapped.

  4. I’m glad things weren’t worse than they were, Mark.

    On the email limits: I’d guess that for some operations e-discovery implications might play a role, as this week’s column shows, if only by making large amounts of storage for individuals unnecessary, given that emails would be destroyed after x number of days.