Outsourcing to Olim

Just learned that Israel is the latest destination for legal services outsourcing.

Green Point’s Legal Services Division has engaged with one of the world’s largest legal publishers to provide a full range of editing and editorial services, as well as original content creation services. This client joins the growing roster of prestigious legal information providers who have discovered the benefits of Green Point’s dual shore model – legal resources in India, working under the supervision of bar-admitted US attorneys working in Israel. Green Point’s value added legal services, which make US legal talent in Israel available to US law firms on an as-needed hourly basis, at rates for lower than equivalent US rates, is also growing at a steep rate.

“We could not find anyone [in India] to do anything that required a very literate American English or an understanding of American cultural subtleties, and especially if American credentials were required, such as a law degree,” said Willner. “So it occurred to me to offer that in Israel, where there is large pool of émigrés with many professional skills, including lawyers who have a hard time making a living in Israel. We felt that would supply the missing link. And that’s been the model of the two-year-old Israel operation.”

The world is further flattening.

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