Sometimes Less Is More

Our goal at slaw is usually to help you find information as efficiently as possible, integrate it into your life and work, and share it with the right people. However, it’s always worth keeping in mind that more isn’t always better. I was reminded of that this weekend while reading about Timothy Ferriss, an author who’s become a bit of a cult hero among the internet productivity set (think lifehacker and 43folders readers).

Mr. Ferriss’ method can be summed up as “selective ignorance”, or filtering out information that isn’t essential. While we probably all subscribe to that, his definition of essential is a little more ruthless than most of ours. Following his methods, I can think of quite a few things I could cut out of my own routines to both recapture some wasted time and reduce distractions, though I would never be as radical as he suggests (he’ll never get me to give up my RSS feed addiction!).

Too Much Information? Ignore It

(Blackberry addicts may be interested in the comments on page 2 of the article about an American company that claims to have reduced its workweek to 4 days by “reducing distractions.”)

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