Very Short Introductions

Oxford University Press has a line of small books — each somewhere around 150 pages in length — known collectively as “Very Short Introductions” and, well, introducing you to 173 subjects, such as Engels, Atheism, Feminism, American Political Parties and Elections. (The list is so eclectic that it can’t really generate a representative sample.)

These are serious books — hardly Wittgenstein for Dolts — typically written by noted academics or other experts. They are also books that have little to do with Slaw’s usual beat, I admit. At a stretch I could point out that there are two volumes dealing with law, Human Rights and Philosophy of Law, with another simply about Law itself coming soon — but I simply think that because lawyers are the last generalists, or at least some of them are, these little tomes might find a few homes among our readers.


  1. Hmmm … sort of a scholarly form of the Dell Illustrated Classics comics series, right?

    I’ve put most of my texts and belongings into storage for the time being. It’ll defeat the purpose if I start buying more hard copies. You’re not helping, you know.

    Maybe VSI will digitize. I didn’t see anything about that in quick glance at the web site. It would be convenient.


  2. Speaking of the OUP (for those who don’t include keeping track of the latest dictionary releases in their list of priorities) Oxford released the 6th edition of the Shorter OED late this September. It’s available in CD form, too, in one of the purchase options.

    Must … get … both.

    It’s a coincidence that my Recaptcha words are “score both”?