The Friday Fillip

Oyez, oyez! and listen up! because you ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

What with radio and iPods and elevators our ears are almost always full of music (and then there’s that stuff that gets played at supermarkets). And the music is typically mainstream. But there’s a lot of nifty different sound out there and I’ve got a source today for some sounds that are anything but programmed.

framework is a site streaming out of the Netherlands that plays long stretches of recordings made in ordinary public places and mixed into interesting soundscapes — “field recording; contextual and decontextualized sound activity” as the tagline has it. So far as I can tell there’s a recording each week, which is available for streaming (to your iTunes, for instance) whenever you feel like closing your eyes and entering an unknown world. There’s also the ability to download the file.

The latest edition appears always to be at There’s a description available of each broadcast, so that if you want to decode what you’re hearing you can. More or less.

The recordings are a program on Resonance FM, an internet radio station of the London Musicians Collective, also worth listening to, by the way.

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